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Verbs Like Gustar: Quiz #1

A. Select the correct form of gustar.

1. Me la comida.
I like the food.

2. Me los libros.
I like the books.

3. Te las pinturas.
You like the paintings.

4. Le la carne.
She likes meat.

B. Select the correct form of faltar.

5. Me el dinero para comprar el anillo.
I'm lacking the money to buy the ring.

6. Nos el dinero para comprar los boletos.
We're lacking the money to buy the tickets.

7. Le cuatro sillas.
She's lacking four chairs.

8. Le el botón.
He's missing a button.

C. Select the correct form of disgustar.

9. Me la música moderna.
I hate modern music.

10. Les los deportes.
They hate sports.

11. Les la televisión.
They hate television.

12. Te este libro.
You hate this book.

D. Select the correct form of parecer.

13. La película me buena.
The movie seems good to me.

14. Los autos les baratos.
The cars seem inexpensive to them.

15. La casa nos cara.
The house seems expensive to us.

16. La ropa te fea.
The clothing seems ugly to you.

E. Select the correct form of molestar.

17. El ruido les mucho.
The noise bothers them a lot.

18. A veces la humedad le .
Sometimes, the humidity bothers her.

19. Los anuncios le poco.
The commercials bother him little.

20. Los borrachos me en la calle.
The drunks bother me in the street.

F. Suggested writing exercise: Write ten sentences using verbs like gustar.

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