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Indirect Commands: Quiz #1

A. Write word necessary to form a correct translation.

1. May you (tú) feel better soon. (sentirse)
te sientas mejor pronto.

2. May the boys feel better soon. (sentirse)
Que se los chicos mejor pronto.

3. Let Juan come in first. (entrar)
entre Juan primero.

4. Don't let Juan come in first. (entrar)
Que no Juan primero.

5. Have Pablo put on the clean shirt. (ponerse)
se ponga Pablo la camisa limpia.

6. Don't have Pablo put on the dirty shirt. (ponerse)
Que no se Pablo la camisa sucia.

7. Let Monica in. (pasar)
pase Mónica.

8. Don't let Monica in. (pasar)
Que pase Mónica.

9. Let Emilio do it. (hacer)
lo haga Emilio.

10. Don't let Emilio do it. (hacer)
Que no lo Emilio.

11. Have Marta set the table. (poner)
ponga la mesa Marta.

12. Don't have Marta set the table. (poner)
Que no ponga la Marta.

13. Why don't you (tú) do it? (hacer)
lo hagas tú.

14. Why doesn't Jorge do it?
Que lo haga .

15. May you (usted) feel better soon. (sentirse)
se sienta usted mejor pronto.

16. Why don't you (tú) watch it (la película) again? (ver)
Que la otra vez.

17. Have Miguel read the book. (leer)
Que Miguel el libro.

18. Don't have Miguel read the newspaper. (leer)
Que no Miguel el periódico.

19. May you (usted) rest well. (descansar)
Que se usted bien.

20. Have her open the letter. (abrir)
Que ella la carta.

B. Suggested writing exercise: Write ten sentences, each one an indirect command.

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