Lesson Topics

Informal Commands (tú): Quiz #1

A. Choose the correct answer, in order to create a command in the "tú" form.

1. Speak more slowly. (hablar)
más lentamente.

2. Don't speak so quickly.
No tan rápido.

3. Write a letter to your mother. (escribir)
una carta a tu mamá.

4. Don't write on the wall.
No en la pared.

5. Johnny, sing. (cantar)
Juanito, .

6. Johnny, don't sing.
Juanito, no

7. Open the door. (abrir)
la puerta.

8. Don't open the door.
No la puerta.

9. Begin now. (comenzar)

10. Don't begin now.
No ahora.

11. Buy that. (comprar)

12. Don't buy that.
No eso.

13. Drink the milk. (beber)
la leche.

14. Don't drink the water.
No el agua.

15. Clean the kitchen. (limpiar)
la cocina.

16. Don't clean the house.
No la casa.

17. Take the medicine. (tomar)
la medicina.

18. Don't take the medicine.
No la medicina.

19. Read the book. (leer)
el libro.

20. Don't read the magazine.
No la revista.

B. Suggested writing exercise: Write ten sentences using the "tú" commands. Five should be affirmative and five should be negative.

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