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Indirect Object Pronouns Part I: Quiz #1

A. Determine the direct object (DO) and the indirect object (IO). Write only the noun, not the article.

He gave her the ring.

1. DO=

2. IO=

He sang them a song.

3. DO=

4. IO=

Give the dog a bone.

5. DO=

6. IO=

B. Choose the correct pronoun.

7. Juan compra flores para ella.
Juan compra flores.

8. El mesero da el menú a ellos.
El mesero da el menú.

9. Ellos dan una propina a mí.
Ellos dan una propina.

10. Compro el libro para ti.
compro el libro.

C. Translate the phrases. Do not abbreviate "usted" or "ustedes."


he gives her (dar)
l le da

11. we (masculine) give them (dar)

12. she gives us (dar)

13. they (masculine) give us (dar)

14. they (feminine) give her (dar)

15. you-all (formal) give me (dar)

16. Sara buys me (comprar)

17. they (masculine) buy you (familiar) (comprar)

18. we (masculine) tell them (decir)

19. Susana writes to them (escribir)

20. we (masculine) bring to you (familiar) (traer)

D. Suggested writing exercise: Write ten sentences using in each an indirect object pronoun.

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