Lesson Topics

Irregular Commands (tú): Quiz #1

A. Choose the correct answer, in order to create a command in the "tú" form.

1. Put the gun here.
la pistola acá.

2. Don't put the gun there.
No la pistola allá.

3. Tell the truth.
la verdad.

4. Don't tell lies.
No mentiras.

5. Come here.

6. Don't come here.
No aquí.

7. Be kind.

8. Don't be kind.
No amable.

9. Set the table.
la mesa.

10. Don't set the table.
No la mesa.

11. Do what I tell you.
lo que te digo.

12. Don't do what I tell you.
No lo que te digo.

13. Say something.

14. Don't say anything.
No nada.

15. Leave now.

16. Don't leave now.
No ahora.

17. Make the bed.
la cama.

18. Don't make the bed.
No la cama.

19. Be careful.

20. Go right now!
ahora mismo.

B. Suggested writing exercise: Write five sentences using irregular "tú" commands. For each sentence, also write the corresponding affirmative command.

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