Lesson Topics

Regular Verbs Part I: Quiz #1

A. Classify each verb.

1. hablar

-ar verb
-er verb
-ir verb

2. comer

-ar verb
-er verb
-ir verb

3. vivir

-ar verb
-er verb
-ir verb

B. Choose the correct translation.

4. yo tomo

I drink
you drink

5. nosotros tomamos

you-all drink
we drink

6. usted cree

I believe
you believe

7. ustedes creen

you-all believe
we believe

C. Choose the correct translation.

8. you talk

9. you-all talk

10. I drink

11. we drink

12. you live

13. you-all live

D. Write the correct ending.


14.nosotros/as habl

15. ustedes habl


16. yo com

17. usted com


18. usted viv

19. nosotros/as viv

20. ustedes viv

E. Suggested writing exercise: Write twelve sentences using the following verb forms:

  • yo hablo
  • usted habla
  • nosotras hablamos
  • ustedes hablan
  • yo como
  • usted come
  • nosotros comemos
  • ustedes comen
  • yo vivo
  • usted vive
  • nosotras vivimos
  • ustedes viven

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