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Regular Verbs Part III: Quiz #1

A. Choose the correct translation.

1. tú hablas

you (formal) speak
you (familiar) speak

2. ella habla

he speaks
she speaks

3. vosotros/as habláis

you-all (formal) speak
you-all (familiar) speak

4. Uds. hablan

you-all (formal) speak
you-all (familiar) speak

5. ellos/ellas hablan

he/she speak
they speak

6. tú comes

I eat
you eat

7. él/ella come

he/she eats
we/they eat

8. él/ella vive

he/she lives
we/they live

9. nosotros comemos

you-all eat
we eat

B. Choose the correct translation.

10. I talk

11. you (formal) talk

12. he talks

13. we talk

14. we drink (beber)

15. we drink (tomar)

16. we decide (decidir)

C. Choose the best translation.

17. I speak English.

18. I work but you eat. (emphasis)

D. Rearrange the words to form a sentence.

19. pan - comer - Necesito

20. beber - Manuel - debe - agua
Manuel agua.

E. Suggested writing exercise: Write six sentences in Spanish, and translate them to English, using the following verbs:

  • hablo
  • comes
  • vive
  • tomamos
  • coméis
  • viven

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