Lesson Topics

Weather Expressions: Test #1

A. Write the correct word.

1. What's the weather like?
¿Qué hace?

2. It's raining. (It rains.)

3. It's hot.

4. It's snowing. (It snows.)

5. It's drizzling. (It drizzles.)

B. Choose the correct answer.

6. En el verano, hace calor.
In the summer, it's very hot.

7. En el desierto hace sol.
In the desert it's very sunny.

8. Diana lleva el abrigo porque hace mucho .
Dianna wears her coat because it's very cold.

9. Es imposible ver porque hay mucha .
It's impossible to see because it's very foggy.

10. Es peligroso porque hay .
It's dangerous because there's lightning.

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